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Contact and Community


Hello to all users and those interested in our SiteOne Crawler tool! 👋

We have released the first version of our tool, which already illustrates to a large extent its intentions and possibilities for the future.

Today, SiteOne Crawler is still not perfect, but it has the ambition to become perfect for our and your needs in the coming months.

ℹ️ Based on the feedback in the first weeks after the launch, we will further decide how to handle the maintenance and care of the community, how to maintain discussions, documentation, etc.

👨‍🏭 If anyone has experience with community maintenance and would like to join the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Primary channels

  • GitHub Issues - report bugs or feature requests
  • GitHub Discussions - discuss with us and other users about the tool, its features or ask questions
  • Twitter / X - follow us on Twitter / X, we will post news about the tool here

Secondary channels

  • Discord - join our Discord server and chat with us
  • Reddit - join our Reddit community and discuss with us