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Ease of Use

In the development of SiteOne Crawler, we strove for maximum availability, ease of use and functionality for the command-line and subsequently the desktop application.

Your website can be browsed in the default settings within 10 seconds, both in the desktop application and the command-line interface. In both cases, just enter the URL and press ENTER. The default values are designed with sensitivity so that they are optimal for the majority of users. The crawler crawls the entire website and prepares the HTML report for you. You can share the report with your colleagues using the online HTML report upload feature.

For dozens of other settings, you can find help such as hover in the desktop application, or use ./crawler --help with CLI version.

Further development ideas

If you encounter any UX problems, don’t be afraid to send a feature request (to desktop application, to command-line interface) with a suggestion for improvement. We are happy to consider and implement it if it will benefit more users.