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Maximum availability for a wide range of users and platforms is our priority.

For this reason, you can download and install SiteOne Crawler on the following platforms:

  • Windows (x64) with Intel/AMD CPU
  • macOS with Intel (x64) or Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3 (arm64) CPU
  • Linux with Intel/AMD (x64) or ARM (arm64) CPU

The tool intentionally does not require any external dependencies (even on Linux) to make its installation as simple as possible even for novice users.

Even though it is an open-source project and will be free, we pay official developer fees to Apple and Microsoft (in progress) so that our tool is verified and its installation does not indicate an unknown author and potential risk.

Further development ideas

As of 12/12/2023, we have an officially notarized release of version 1.0.6 from Apple. Installation on macOS will therefore proceed smoothly and without warning. Only at the first launch it says by default that you will launch an application downloaded from the Internet.

In the coming weeks, we will try to get the tool officially notarized by Microsoft as well, so that the installation on Windows can also be done without the need to be notified about the unknown author.

In the first months of 2024, we would like to deploy the tool in the Mac App Store, the Microsoft Store, and in the official repositories of common Linux distributions. The goal is to facilitate even more installation and especially updates using standard methods for individual platforms.

If there is someone reading this text who has experience with deploying tools to these platforms/repositories, please contact us. Your help will help us speed up deployment. Thank you!